Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I just found a great steak in Butte, Montana!

This evening, our sound engineer (Carlos) and I went out for a steak dinner, and the place recommended by the ladies at the front desk is called Casagrande's Steak House. Be prepared, it's a bit pricey with steaks starting at $20, but they are served as a four-course meal with a wonderful Red Wine Beef Stew (soup), salad and ice cream. The soup was phenomenal! Great flavor with chunks of mushrooms. I ordered the top sirloin and it was cooked just right and didn't have much fat on it at all. It was a 16 oz. cut that was very thick, and I honestly couldn't finish it. My side was their famous twice-baked potato, which also was very good. Then I topped it off with a complimentary bowl of blueberry cheesecake ice cream. My total bill came to $30.

It was nice having the day off in Butte, but I'm looking forward to getting back behind the microphone tomorrow night!

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