Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It has been way too long since my last post, and to those that care; I apologize. We have done a lot of traveling and little time in hotels.

While in Phoenix (over a week ago) I had the opportunity to see my old friend Kenny Evans, who happens to be a former Globetrotter mascot (Globie). He took me to get some laundry done, I badly needed to get some clean clothes back into the mix. We got lunch and spent some time together just talking and visiting.

The weather was beautiful in Phoenix and a big difference from the freezing weather in Calgary. We played a Friday night game and a Saturday afternoon game at the US Airways Center, the home of the Phoenix Suns. It's a great arena downtown, just a few blocks from our hotel. and right near the arena is the Arizona Diamondbacks' ballpark. Close by is a restaurant owned by sports fan Alice Cooper; "Cooperstown." I didn't get to eat there but would have liked to. I opted for the Hard Rock Cafe one night, and a pizza joint another day. While in Arizona, we also played games in Prescott Valley and Tucson. We also had a day off, which was nice, that was the day I was able to get laundry done.

We then flew to Spokane, WA, and bused to Kennewick for a game there last Thurs. (2/23), then on to Eugene, OR, on Fri. We had a double header on Saturday, in Portland at the Rose Garden (home of the NBA Trailblazers). That was a long day! It was nice to see my cousins Priscilla and Leroy Moody. They came to the afternoon game and we had a chance to visit and pose for a photo after the game. Right after the night game we bused to Yakima, WA, for a day game there on Sunday. That night, it was on to Seattle to get a little sleep and head to the airport early in the morning.

Monday we flew from Seattle to Denver, and now I'm enjoying a couple days off in Denver! Looking forward to seeing friends and family in the area this week. More later...

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