Saturday, February 18, 2012

This has been a crazy week and obviously I haven't had much time to post any news recently. We began the week by flying to Calgary on Monday. We had an off day, so I was able to get a press pass and go to the Calgary Flames vs. Toronto Maple Leafs NHL game on Tuesday night. Ever since the Saddledome hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988, I've been wanting to go to that arena and actually see a hockey game there! That was awesome, although the arena is definitely showing its age.

Wednesday night the Globetrotters had their game at that same arena, so there I was announcing the game at the Saddledome. Pretty cool! (See the photos in this blogs' photo album)

While in Calgary, I ate one night at The Palomino (109-7th Avenue SW), right down the street from our hotel. This place is similar to many Barbeque joints in Texas or Oklahoma, except for one thing; they serve poutine. What is poutine? This is an amazing dish that originated in Quebec and has spread throughout Canada. It is layers of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy. The hot gravy melts the cheese, and The Palomino adds their own twist by topping the whole thing with barbeque pulled pork. It was fantastic, and I couldn't eat the whole thing. This is certainly one dish barbeque restaurants in the U.S. need to pick up on. How can you go wrong with fries, cheese and barbequed pork?

We flew from Calgary to Phoenix on Thursday, and I'll tell you more about the Valley of the Sun in my next post...

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